18th July – Training and Grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes (8th Dan) – Crawley

On Thursday evening, IchiBan Karate hosted Sensei Bob Rhodes for a training and grading session.  The training session focused on basics, especially timing and focus of techniques and then moved on to basic ippon kumite.  This was followed by the grading. Congratulations to the following:

Glen and Alfie – both double graded from Novice to 8th Kyu (red belt)

Vir and Neha – both now 4th Kyu (purple and white belt)

Katarina – Now 2nd Kyu (brown and white belt)

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29th June – National Youth Championships – Chesterfield

On the hottest day of the year so far, the KUGB held its National Youth Championships at the Leisure Centre in Chesterfield.  The standard of the participants was as high as ever. Congratulations to Katarina Manojlovic, who performed exceptionally well and was placed 3rd in the brown belt girls kata category.



8th June – Southern Regional Championships – Crawley

On Saturday 8th June, the KUGB held its Southern Region Championships at K2 in Crawley. The event was very well attended and everyone from IchiBan that competed did so at a very high level with some exceptional performances. The following made it through to the finals in their respective categories:

Katarina Manojlovic came 1st in the Children’s Kyu Grade Kata

Charlotte Dale came 4th in the Children’s Dan Grade Kata and 1st in the Girls under 5’3″ Kumite Category.

Tom Dale, Charlotte and Katarina also came 2nd in the Childrens Team Kata event.

Congratulations to everyone who entered.  You did your senseis and club proud.


19th May – Referees and Judges Course – Chesterfield

Congratulations to Valerie Dale, who, on the 19th May passed her referees exam at Chesterfield under Senseis Andy Sherry (9th Dan) and Bob Poynton (8th Dan). This was a long and intense process consisting of a written exam to test the understanding of the competition rules and decision making criteria and practical tests. Very well done Val, from all at IchiBan.


2nd February – Central Region Kata Squad Selection – Loughborough

On Saturday 2nd February, 6 members of Ichiban travelled to Loughborough for the first Central Region Kata Squad session of the year.  This is a training squad for those wanting to push themselves to improve their technical knowledge and performance of kata. The sessions are held in the central region but are open to all KUGB members. Those attending must pass a selection process which involves performace of a kata, and once accepted on to the squad, continue on to to the first training session of the year.  Senseis Robin, Valerie, Carl and Su were all successful in this years selection by Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan), as were Tom and Charlotte Dale.  Well done to all.


26th/27th January – KUGB England Squad Selection – Liverpool

On Saturday the 26th January, the selection for the Kata Squad took place at the famous Red Triangle Dojo in Liverpool.  Both Tom Dale and Charlotte Dale attended and were chosen by Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan and KUGB Chief Instructor) to be part of the 2019 squad. 

On Sunday 27th January, the selection for the Kumite Squad took place in Liverpool. Charlotte Dale was also successful in being chosen as part of the Junior Kumite Squad for 2019 by Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan) and Sensei Frank Brennan (8th Dan).

Congratulations to both of you on your acheivement.


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