Mike Barker – 3rd Dan

I have been training with IchiBan since I was 11 years old, initially under Sensei Jim Logan and then Sensei Robin Dale.

What I have enjoyed most over the years is the comradery with other clubs and whilst attending courses with other instructors.  When I go on holiday, I check to see where the local clubs are.

One memory that makes me smile is seeing some junior grades practicing by the pool while I was on holiday in Spain and helping them with their form. They were then insistant on showing me how to do somersaults into the pool, needless to say I was far from graceful!

People will say Karate is for life, and in that I would agree.  I am always learning and improving.  It certainly keeps you physically fit and mentally active when studying your own form or bunkai application.

I have made many good friends whilst training and would say I have two families, my family and also my karate family.

My hope is to continue to be training and helping others with their training for many years to come.