Training and Grading


Training is structured into 3 main sections – Kihon (fundamental techniques), Kata (formal exercises) and Kumite (sparring).  Each section has a range of complexity to suit different levels or grades of students. Kumite for example will be introduced as basic blocking and counter attacking, but will progress to freestyle sparring which develops the timing, reflexes and co-ordination necessary for self-defence and competition.

Glossary of Karate Terminology


Students are eligible to take grading examinations after set periods of training There is a grading syllabus for all levels.  Coloured belts are used to denote the different grades.  Students can achieve 1st Dan (black belt) standard in 3 to 4 years with regular training and instruction.  Please click on the following links to view information on the grading rules and syllabus.

Kyu Grading Rules                          

Dan Grading Rules                     

Grading Syllabus