The Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) is by far the largest and most successful single-style association in Great Britain with currently around 7,000 male and female membeIMG_9938rs of all ages. Several hundred of these enjoy special KUGB Long-Standing Membership status, having trained with the KUGB for between twenty and forty-five years.

It was established in 1966 as a democratic and non-profit making organisation for the development of Shotokan Karate and is affiliated to European and World Shotokan Karate Bodies. Originally founded by Hirokazu Kanazawa, the KUGB flourished under the guidance of the late master, Keinosuke Enoeda (9th Dan). Since Sensei’s passing in 2003, the KUGB continues to prosper under the leadership of Sensei Andy Sherry (9th Dan).

The KUGB has Karate clubs established in many Sports Centres, Universities and Schools, and was responsible for the acceptance of Karate as a subject for GCSE and A/AS level by the National Educational Awarding Bodies.

From its inception, the KUGB has dedicated itself to improving its technical standards. To this end, it has established numerous free training courses for Black Belts, Brown Belts, Instructors, Referees and Judges, and Kata and Kumite Squads.

It also arranges annually many Regional and National Championships and has participated in European and World Championships throughout its existence, with outstanding success.home-ios-7-interface-symbol_318-37127