IchiBan Shotokan Karate Club – A Brief History

IchiBan Shotokan Karate Club (formally Ifield Shotokan Karate Club) has been established in Crawley for over 45 years.  Originally founded by Sensei Jim Logan in 1976, the club was based at Ifield Community College in Lady Margaret Road.  The club is now run by Sensei Robin Dale, one of the club’s original students, and his wife Valerie (both 5th Dan).

In December 2005 we relocated to Hut 27 in Tilgate Recreation Centre near to the K2 Leisure Centre.

The club upholds traditional karate values, emphasising the development of character as well as the physical aspects by means of regular training. In addition, the sense of “family” has always been a fundamental factor within the club.  Many of our members are brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.